Accomplish things never before accomplished by using parts of your brain never before used!

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Looking for a better way to lead and learn in a work world mired with ruts and routines?

Dr. Ellen Weber

Dr. Ellen Weber, President and CEO
Mita International Brain Based Center

Greater Rochester Quality Council
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“How can brain based research inform teaching?” was the topic of the Guardian Life/UWI Premium Teacher Lecture and Workshop, presented by Dr. Ellen Weber, President of MITA International Brain Center, in collaboration with Dr. Robyn McMaster. Ellen and Robyn explore how today’s digital, fast-paced, media-fueled, multi-tasking, video-game isolating life is changing the way human minds develop, operate, remember, process and apply facts. Participants discovered how brain based research affects learning, remembering, and performance at university.

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MITA at Chapters

  • MITA tools

    Leadership certification for key measurable competencies
  • Leadership programs to captialize on multiple intelligences at work
  • Curriculum guides to capitalize on diverse contributions
  • Consultations to identify problems and outline brain based strategies
  • Retreats that give brain based business solutions
  • Books and materials that guide you to new practical plans for bottom line growth

MITA™solution: Learn to work with your brain in mind. For example...

Your brain's basal ganglia dominates work with stale ruts and rigid routines

MITA strategies will enable you to reboot refreshing opposites in your working memory for winning results.

* From cynics to creators
* From one way to multiple winning voices
* From manual to technically driven brainpowered tools
* From stress to balance and productivity
* From downsizing to risk-taking adventures
* From boredom to chemical highs with solutions
* From financial fears to fiscal leadership for future growth

MITA works with business, university and secondary leaders for change that results in new paradigms!

See Ellen Weber's award-winning blog: Brain Leaders and Learners to use practical MITA tips from neuro discoveries that can be easily applied at your workplace.

Follow Brain Based Biz, a MITA blog with a focus on business. Dr. Robyn McMaster, Sr. VP of the MITA International Brain Center, offers insights to equip leaders with practical neuro tactics to optimize satisfaction and output at work.

Quotes from Recent MITA™ participants:

MITA™ offers a great way to bring out the best that our minds have to offer. It really works! Reg Stewart, Greater Rochester Quality Council

During MITA™ sessions I have actually learned what I need at this critical period of my life. Frank Wen, Int. Exchange Director, Chongquin, China

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